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Elective subjects: Central and Eastern European Studies (MOEST)

The elective subject Central and Eastern European Studies (MOEST) offers an analysis of foreign jurisdictions and an insight into the law, economy and politics of central and eastern European countries. At the same time, the focus will be on new EU member states that were absorbed in the last two enlargements, on south eastern European countries but also those countries that formerly belonged to the Soviet Union. 

The main focus and themes of the lectures will vary from semester to semester. With that, the focus will be on certain legal systems but also on individual fields of law.

The lectures will place a strong emphasis on legal practice. Also, several specialist lectures will be held by practitioners.


Elective Subject Coordinators:

The support of the elective subject of Central and East European studies (MOEST) was taken over by the Department of legal philosophy, law of religion and culture.


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